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At NRG Wealth Management, we go beyond conventional investing to incorporate a comprehensive wealth management strategy that can encompass our client’s whole life. We recognize true wealth management is the coordination of goals and dreams with customized, long-term financial solutions. Our wealth management team is led by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals who are dedicated to aligning each of these elements and strengthening the core of our clients’ lives. 

As a fee-only SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm, we act in a fiduciary role for our clients across ALL lines of advice. We are paid only by our clients, not by Wall Street and never by commission.

What is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional? 

At NRG, we serve as the trusted financial advisor and primary advocate for a remarkable clientele. We have a strong foundation in our community with a focus on wealth management and estate planning for high-net-worth, successful, goal-oriented retirees and pre-retirees. We are here to provide our clients with peace of mind and to help them invest with confidence, achieve their objectives, and live a balanced, fulfilling retirement. 

Client Centered

In order to continue providing our exceptional level of service to existing clients, we accept a limited number of new clients each year. Those benefiting most from our services are retirees and pre-retirees with the following attributes:

  • Focus on quality of life. 
  • Seek a distinct, relationship-based wealth management experience.
  • Achieved success in various aspects of their personal and professional lives.
  • Investable assets in excess of $1,000,000.

Our Client Commitment

We believe working with our clients is a privilege, not a right, and as such we state the following:

Client Centered
  •  We promise to be respectful, thoughtful, and transparent in all our dealings.
  • Without question, we will always put our clients’ wealth management needs above our own.
  • Our decisions are based on a clear understanding of our clients’ values and  financial objectives.
  • We will respond in a timely manner to all client questions and address our clients’ concerns as if they were our own, because they are.
  • We have a genuine passion to serve our clients in unexpected ways.
  •  We diligently seek to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide excellence in all that we do.

Our Team

We unite our individual expertise to form a dynamic collective that is motivated by the financial success and well-being of our clients.

Monica  Salazar

Monica Salazar

Director of Client Relations

Sarah Jones Meeker

Sarah Jones Meeker

Executive Assistant

Peter Fugger

Peter Fugger

Client Service Associate

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