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Vanessa  Davis

Vanessa Davis

Vice President & COO

Vanessa’s position as the Chief Operations Officer is one of leadership and accountability. As our COO, her responsibilities span from human resources to the implementation of operational best practices. With a client-focused philosophy, Vanessa performs a critical role in guiding the firm’s growth, defining and implementing firm policies, and ensuring that our clients and stakeholders are served in a manner consistent with firm values, policies, and procedures.

As a dedicated partner, Vanessa is passionate about adding value to the lives of our clients and our stakeholders. From the smallest details to the most pressing demands, she is driven to accomplish milestones on behalf of her team and the clients they serve. Vanessa devotes more than 20 years of financial services experience to advancing the success of our firm and our clients.

Vanessa spends her free time enjoying her passions of family, nature, photography and German Shepherds. Vanessa’s idea of a perfect day is hiking in a remote area of the Southwest with her family, her dogs, and her camera!