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Cash Out!  Retire on Your Terms, Live Well and Die Happy

Cash Out!  Retire on Your Terms, Live Well and Die Happy

Nobody taught you in school how to retire on your terms and live well.  Cash Out is your guide to making the most out of your second—and best—half of life.

Jack Davis, MS, CFP® has been helping people pursue retirement on their terms and live well for more than two decades.  From his early days growing up in Nebraska in a close and loving family, Jack learned the importance of integrity, hard work, building strong relationships and living life with purpose.  Now, he's distilled a lifetime of experiences into a guidebook for people looking to make smart decisions with their money and their life.

Too often people head into retirement without a plan, without a roadmap to navigate the many decisions that need to be made.  Too often that picture-perfect retirement portrayed in advertisements turns out to be an illusion.  But it doesn't have to be that way.

In Cash Out, Davis walks you through a sensible process that helps you prepare mentally, emotionally, and financially for one of the biggest transitions of your life.  And he weaves in personal stories of people just like you who have successfully navigated this road before you.  

This is your time.  You've worked hard. You've dreamed about it.  With Cash Out as your guide, you truly can retire on your terms and live well.

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